Monday, March 30, 2009

My Mom's store in Sumner

Here's a picture of my mom's store and what she does with all of her junk. I will say it's sure pretty. Someday when I grow up maybe she'll let me go there and visit again. I got to go once when I was just a pup it was sooo much fun and there were soooo many people that really loved me! I don't know why she did'nt let me go back ? I really only went out to the parking lot once and I was'nt really going to go home with those nice people in the van, they brought me back----geeze mom I don't know why you were so FREAKED out!
This is my step Mamma she kind of likes me, she's letting me get closer to her all of the time.

Girls just wanna have fun!

Hi there my name is Foxy Roxy! My mom loves junk( I guess that's what you call all the stuff she's always hauling home?) I know she loves it alot cause every time I try to chew on the corner of her wood coffee table or the little cupboard in the bathroom she gets really mad at me! I thought it was just some old junky wood? My mom does bring home some really nice thing's too. She brought me home these lovely flowers when I was just a pup and she put them in this very fancy ironstone pitcher. Today she brought in all of these nice little McCoy planters, and I know they were nice cause when I tried to rip the bag open she got real MAD! I love it when she finds new stuff, cause I have A.d.d. and I'm always looking for new stuff to check out, chew, smell, taste it's so fun! Well I better go for now the cat's calling my name and I've been sitting still for about two minutes now and that's a real long time!